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We have sent two children through The Village Schoolhouse and it's been a fabulous experience! Our oldest was very well prepared both academically and emotionally thanks to his awesome preschool teachers! Our youngest enters kindergarten in the fall and he's excited about school! The teachers at Village Schoolhouse are wonderful and provide the perfect balance of structure and silliness! I think it's Issaquah's best kept secret.

~ Marcie Cheung, Renton WA.

What our VSH families have to say: Service

We have been at VSH for three years now and are incredibly sad that our time is coming to an end. My son Joshua started there in preschool and went all the way through Kindergarten. Ms. Meg is an absolute expert on teaching children, and has the perfect combination of personality, sense of humor, temperament, and decades of experience to be able to push the children when they need to be challenged while making it also the most fun they’ve ever had learning. VSH is a very special, very nurturing school, and I am so thankful we found it.

Ms. Meg’s keen observation and deep care for each child at VSH helped us get our son diagnosed with dyslexia in PRE-K!!! Waaaay earlier than it usually gets diagnosed and that early intervention has done wonders for our son. During the pandemic, VSH was our safe place and our happy place where I knew my son was getting a wonderful education, making friends and being seen and heard everyday.  I can’t recommend this school highly enough!
-Geni Brown, March 2022

What our VSH families have to say: About Us
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