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We have sent two children through The Village Schoolhouse and it's been a fabulous experience! Our oldest was very well prepared both academically and emotionally thanks to his awesome preschool teachers! Our youngest enters kindergarten in the fall and he's excited about school! The teachers at Village Schoolhouse are wonderful and provide the perfect balance of structure and silliness! I think it's Issaquah's best kept secret.

~ Marcie Cheung, Renton WA.

What our VSH families have to say: Service

Village Schoolhouse is an incredible preschool and kindergarten, and I’m so thankful we met Meg at a preschool fair and found out about this unique, special school! We have been part of the VSH community for five years now and both my daughters have thrived there. Ms. Meg has an innate ability to really communicate with and nurture children at their level and each in their own way. She is truly a marvel at the way she is able to relate to kids and see what each individual child needs to thrive. My children adore her (and Ms. Georgia!) and always look forward to going to school. They have so much fun while learning, and they love the outdoor space. The whole school has such a warm, nurturing environment. Meg really puts a focus on kindness and being true to yourself while also respecting who others are. The mixed age classroom is also so wonderful. That wasn’t something on my radar when we first started looking at preschools, but now I love the different ages together and think it gives my children such an amazing perspective on getting along with others, helping, being a leader, and also learning from peers. I highly recommend Village Schoolhouse and think any kid (and parent!) would be so lucky to have Ms. Meg and Ms. Georgia in their lives!
-The Tarnacki Family, Sammamish WA.

What our VSH families have to say: Our Mission

Our youngest went to VSH for 3 years. She says it's the best preschool in the universe, and we agree! Our daughter thrived in the warm, inclusive, home-like environment under Ms. Meg's loving and observant care. Ms. Meg has over 25 years of experience in education, 4 children of her own, a deep well of patience, wisdom, and understanding, a keen sense of humor, and boundless energy. She is a teacher like no other! The carefully selected materials, the beautiful outdoor space, and the small, mixed-age grouping all create the perfect setting for each child to follow their curiosity, have fun, make friends, and grow at their own pace. As our kiddo says, "It's amazing."

-The Davuluri Family, Bellevue WA.

What our VSH families have to say: About Us

We have been at VSH for three years now and are incredibly sad that our time there is coming to an end. My son Joshua started in preschool and went all the way through kindergarten. Ms. Meg is an absolute expert at teaching children and has the perfect combination of personality, sense of humor, temperament, and decades of experience to be able to gently push the children when they need to be challenged, while making it also the most fun they've ever had learning. VSH is a very special, very nurturing school, and I am so thankful we found it. Ms. Meg's keen observation and deep care for each child at VSH helped us get our son diagnosed with dyselxia in PRE-K!!! Waaaay earlier than it usually gets diagnosed. That early intervention has done wonders for our son. During the pandemic VSH was our safe place and our happy place where I knew my son was getting a wonderful education, making friends, and being seen and heard everyday. I can't recommend this school highly enough.

~Geni Brown, Issaquah WA

What our VSH families have to say: Welcome

All I can say is thank goodness for Village Schoolhouse! We went through two other schools with my son before we found Ms.Meg, and the difference was night and day.

Meg really sees your child and somehow knows exactly how to help them learn and grow into themselves. She fosters a fun environment where kids learn empathy and how to take care of themselves and each other. They are engaged, curious, loving, active members of our world!

My kids are now in first and third grade and are doing fabulously. They love learning and most importantly they see themselves as capable scientist and mathematicians! They still talk about The Village Schoolhouse often and take every chance they can to visit.

Joining this community was one of the best things we have done for our kids.

~Lauren Olson, Issaquah.

What our VSH families have to say: Our Mission
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